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The Pratham World group was started way back in 1989 under the banner of Suvin Food Services, which managed the canteen services of BRT, employing 350 individuals. Over time, it expanded its services and obtained mandates for canteen services for NCL, Trackspart, Vidyut group, and others. During this period, the group also ventured into the restaurant business, establishing the following eateries:
  • 1. Maharaja Restaurant
  • 2. Devi Palace Restaurant
  • 3. Harrycollection
  • 4. Pratham Veg Restaurant
  • 5. New Kinara Restaurant
  • 6 Garden Restaurant

These restaurants complemented the group's existing canteen services and added to its diverse portfolio of culinary offerings.

Industrial & Corporate Catering

We excels in Industrial & Corporate Catering, providing customized dining experiences for workplaces, ensuring satisfaction for employees and guests.

Hotels & Resorts

We excels in Hotels & Resorts, providing unforgettable stays with exceptional service and attention to detail.


We excels in Housekeeping services, ensuring cleanliness and a pleasant environment with meticulous attention to detail.


Pratham World offers a captivating visual showcase of their luxurious accommodations. With stunning photographs, viewers can get a glimpse of the stylish rooms, elegant interiors, and picturesque surroundings that await guests. It's an enticing invitation to experience the beauty and comfort firsthand.

What customers are saying about us

“I was truly impressed by Pratham World’s outstanding services and attention to detail. They exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them!”
“Pratham World delivered exceptional professionalism and top-quality services. I am extremely satisfied and would highly recommend their services to others.”

“Pratham World’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is unmatched. I am thrilled with the exceptional services they provided and would highly recommend them.”


At Pratham World, we have the privilege of serving a diverse clientele from various industries and organizations. Our portfolio includes renowned corporations and esteemed organizations who trust us. We take pride in our strong and lasting client relationships, built on professionalism and exceptional service delivery. Our focus is on meeting and surpassing our clients' expectations. We are grateful for the chance to be their trusted partner, providing reliable and top-quality solutions.

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