5 Healthy Ways To Include Ghee In Your Diet

Ghee, or clarified butter is rich in short and medium-chain fatty acids and butyrate, which can improve heart health and lower insulin resistance. Ghee is traditionally made out of butter with all its water and milk solids removed. Pure unadulterated cow ghee could be very beneficial for your digestive and overall health. The butyric acid present in ghee is particularly beneficial for intestines. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help ease pains and discomfort. Ghee consists of fat-soluble vitamins, which is beneficial for weight loss.
Ghee can be incorporated in our diet in several ways mentioned below:

1. Ghee on chapatis
Ghee on chapatis
Ghee has been an important element in Indian cuisine since ancient times. Revival of ghee as a super food has brough them back into our diet. Brushing your roti with ghee in correct portion helps improve the digestibility of roti and even bring down glycaemic index.

2. Ghee in Tadka
                       Ghee in Tadka

Tadka is an essential part of dal preparation in Indian cuisine; they help add flavour to soaked lentils. Ghee in tadka not only enhances the flavour of the dish but also adds health benefits to it.

3. Adding in milk
Adding in milk

In Ayurveda ghee is suggested as a remedy for good digestive health. Drinking milk with a spoonful of ghee could be an effective remedy for constipation.

4. Swapping oil with ghee in cooking
                   Swapping oil with ghee in cooking

Cooking vegetables in ghee could bring more health benefits to your body. Taking refined oil can be harmful for our body on a daily basis whereas ghee due its high heat point, is effective for absorption of fat soluble nutrients found in vegetables especially lycopene in tomatoes.

5. Fortifying Ladoos
Fortifying Ladoos

Gond ladoo, alsi ladoo, badaam ladoo and more such Indian sweets are delicious and dense in nutrition which is most likely made with ghee. Since these ladoos are heavy, it is recommended to not to take them in larger quantities.


Ghee is a superfood currently re-discovered by nutritionists all over the world. It has various medicinal as well as health benefits. Taking pure cow ghee in controlled quantities is necessary for proper hormonal balance and good metabolic functions. Including ghee in daily food habits will be beneficial in long-term for the human body. Pratham food’s premium product superior quality pure cow ghee Satva Ghee can be a great addition to your monthly grocery list. Shop online from our website or Amazon marketplace.