5 Scrumptious recipes made with Ghee

Ghee is undoubtedly a powerhouse of nutrients as it contains various fat-soluble substances like vitamin A, D, K, and E. Buffalo Ghee is used in almost every Indian home, which is certainly a rich source of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. ‘Pure Satva Ghee’ used as a primary ingredient in our daily diet improves our overall well-being and health. Though Ghee is butter and is definitely fatty in nature, it is ‘clarified butter’ and is considered to be a Superfood for generations. Pure Desi Cow Ghee or Purified Buffalo Ghee is used as a basic ingredient in many Indian dishes. These delicious-looking Indian foods get an exceptional taste and an incredible aroma with a dollop of ghee giving it a zing of unique flavor. Let us look at the top 5 scrumptious recipes made with Ghee as a primary ingredient.

          1.Besan Barfi

Indian festivals and special occasions are incomplete without a Barfi. Besan Barfi made in pure buffalo ghee is a traditional sweet loved by everyone, especially kids. In India, Barfi is a sweet fudge made out of Besan with the added indulgence of nuts and fruits. A Basic technique of making Besan Barfi includes the usage of Besan, Sugar, and Pure Desi Ghee. It starts by roasting the Besan at a low flame with a spoonful of ghee until it turns golden brown. A sugar syrup also known as ‘Pak’ is prepared with one-string consistency and is added to the roasted Besan and Ghee mixture until a thick paste is formed. Grounded cardamom or finely chopped dry fruits can be added and once it starts to get thickened it can be transferred to a greased container or pan shaping it into square blocks.

           2.Ghee Dosa

The Ghee Dosa is an authentic South Indian breakfast recipe made with Pure Desi Ghee usually served with coconut chutney and sambar. It is prepared with a batter made and preserved overnight called the ‘idli dosa batter’. This batter is evenly spread using spiral motion and a spoonful of Ghee is generously added on top and across the edges. Once the Dosa turns golden brown it is removed carefully, folded into half, or rolled into a cylinder. The flavorful bite of a hot and crispy Ghee Dosa is absolutely delectable.

           3.Dal Tadka

The most loved Indian Dish and one of the most popularly served dishes in restaurants is a Dal Tadka. Tampering of spices or what we call it is, the ‘Tadka’ has always been an unskippable part of our Indian Cuisine. But what exactly is a Tadka? Simply put, it is the process of heating Ghee until it reaches the right temperature, not too cold or too smokey. Once the Ghee is heated mustard seeds, chillis, and curry leaves are added to it and this mixture is then added to the cooked Dal or Lentils. Spiced and tampered dal brings out the mirth in the dal otherwise the Dal tastes dull. Pure desi Ghee imparts a lot of flavor into the Dal.

          4.Gajar ka Halwa

A popular Indian Delicacy also known as a prominent dessert treat is the traditional Gajar ka Halwa. It is an Indian sweet dish made with carrots, sugar, condensed milk, and beautifully cooked in the aromatic flavors of Pure Desi Ghee. Winter is here and it is the best time to enjoy Gajar Ka Halwa as it speaks out love, care, and tradition. It is usually served with a warm Mava (Khoya) topping or a vanilla ice cream scoop.

           5.Ukdiche Modak

Ukdiche Modak or Steamed Modak is another recipe that uses tons of desi ghee not only used during its preparation but also while serving it. Hot Desi ghee is added on top of the Steamed Modak before savoring it. It goes unsaid that every Ganesh Chaturthi Ukdiche Modak are made on the first day in Indian Homes as it has a traditional and religious value to it. A stuffing with coconut & jaggery is firstly made along with rice dough. The rice dough is then flattened with a roller called ‘Belan’ and portions of the stuffing are added to the rice dough shaping it into a dumpling. This dumpling is then steamed and served hot, thus the name ‘Ukdiche Modak’ which literally means Steamed Dumplings.



Pure desi ghee or Buffalo Ghee has always been a crucial part of every Indian kitchen since time immemorial. Pratham Foods is a leading manufacturer of Buffalo ghee and Pure desi cow ghee packed with essential nutrients beneficial to make scrumptious and tasty recipes and many valuable food products.