Benefits of eating ghee everyday in winter

Winter is when our hunger pangs know no boundaries, and we end up indulging in spicy patties and fried samosas, letting our diets go for a toss. It is also incredibly necessary that we strive to diet as much as we can to make up for the same. The intake of desi ghee in nominal quantities as part of one’s daily diet is considered extremely beneficial for wellbeing, as per Ayurveda and many reports. Even in winter, desi ghee, or a form of clarified butter made from cow’s milk, should be on your plate. Here’s why it is beneficial to eat ghee every day in winter.


  1. Healthy skin

Owing to a lack of sunlight, the winter season leads to dry and itchy skin. In addition to providing the essential fats required for skin growth and maintenance, the incorporation of ghee to your diet often preserves moisture, giving you good, radiant skin in winter. Take a drop of Pure desi ghee on the fingertip for chapped and dark lips and rub it softly over the lips until saturated. Put it there overnight. You’ll wake up with smooth and supple lips the next morning. Give the under-eye creams and serums a break for dark circles and use ghee instead. It is cheaper and safer for sure. Every night before bed spread ghee on your eyelids and under your eyes. Wash it with clear water the next morning.


  1. Helps you stay warm

During winters, only one tablespoon of buffalo ghee daily will help you stay warm and stable. This is due to the amount of fat in ghee. In addition, certain varieties of dietary fat foods such as olive oil and avocado are now known as hunger-satisfactory supplements to a balanced diet. While doctors still disagree about saturated fat, some do not consider it an apparent health danger anymore.


  1. Nutrient-density

Though ghee takes longer to produce than certain other kinds of clarified butter, due to its low-heat preparation, it preserves more vitamins and nutrients. It is a source of vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin A, and other organic compounds.

Booster for energy. Pure Desi Cow Ghee or Buffalo Ghee is a healthy energy supply. It includes medium and short-chain fatty acids which are a potent antimicrobial and antifungal substance, lauric acid.


  1. Helps prevent cold and cough

During winter, cold and cough are typical respiratory problems. It is believed that daily Pure desi Buffalo Ghee intake keeps the immune system healthy, which helps the body combat infections.


  1. Boosts metabolism

Ghee can help to reduce inflammation and strengthen the digestive system by being high in butyric acid. It also aids in facilitating the release of stomach acid, which helps to sustain a balanced digestive tract.


  1. Helps in weight loss

Ghee is filled with essential amino acids to help minimize abdominal fat. The presence of fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 makes you shed body fat.



Based on the various benefits, it must be maintained that the intake of Pure desi ghee is highly recommended by various health organizations this winter. One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Pure Desi Cow Ghee and Buffalo Ghee is Pratham Foods. At affordable prices, buy Ghee Online.