Buffalo Ghee Benefits For Skin

The world is appreciating India’s traditional ghee making process and its health benefits. Milk industries are now importing their Desi ghee, be it buffalo or cow, in multiple foreign countries which are here manufactured with cultural values and lots of love. Other than promoting health, Desi ghee aka Clarified Butter is known to promote skin health.

Not to mention, we are coming across blogs and tips that conclude Desi Cow Ghee has better nutritional value and benefits as compared to Desi Buffalo Ghee. TBH, that is certainly not true. If the Ghee is manufactured using the milk that is obtained from grass-fed cattle with Indian long-established methodology, then both the Ghee are as important as each one of them.

If you are looking to use Desi Ghee to improvise your skin, you might want to know how!

A quick sneak-peek into the Buffalo Ghee nutrition:

Desi Buffalo ghee nutrition facts per 100 g (*Approximate values)

• Energy: 807 kcal

• Total Fat: 89.5 g

• Saturated Fat: 52.0 g

• Cholesterol: 0.19 g

• Sodium: Nil

• Carbohydrates: 0.9 g

• Protein: 0.4 g

• Vitamin A: 3000 IU

How to use buffalo ghee?

i. For chapped lips:

Take a drop of ghee on your fingers. Apply it on lips and massage gently on your lips. Recommended to do this at night times before you go to bed, ghee will stay overnight. Wake up with soft and freshened up lips.

ii. For dull skin:

Dull skin not only makes you look tired but it also aged. Make a face pack of your own at home.

Mix buffalo ghee with besan (gram flour) and raw milk to make a simple paste. Apply it over your face, and neck areas. Let it settle for a nice 20 minutes. Wash away with normal tap water. Dab lightly with a soft cloth.

iii. For dry skin:

Warm (Do not Heat) one tablespoon of buffalo ghee. Apply it on your face before you take a bath for soft and suave skin. If your face is extremely dry (can be a little bit itchy as well), mix the ghee with tap water in a bowl and massage it on the facial skin for 15 minutes. Rinse and dap clean.

iv. For dark circles:

Give your face serums and under-eye creams a break and try buffalo ghee instead.

Apply ghee on under your eyes every night for a week before sleeping. Wash it the next morning with regular tap water. You will note the results instantly after the first two applications.

v. Every 15 days face pack:

To keep your skin always smooth and glowing, you can make this 22-minute face pack and apply it on the face every 15 to 20 days as per requirement.

How to make 22 minutes’ face-pack!:

Take a tablespoon Ghee and honey in a bowl. Add raw milk to form a medium liquid paste. Apply over face and neck areas and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with normal tap water and dab with a soft cloth.

Tip: You can make a face mask out of quality tissue paper by keeping nostrils and eyes’ part open. Apply and spread all over, the paste on the mask with your finger and place it on your face.

Incredible Desi Buffalo Ghee benefits of for Skin:

Skin Hydration

Lip smoothening and lightening

Slowdowns aging

Skin Brightening

Moisture Restoration

Complexion Improvisation

Eradicates dark circles

Glowing Skin

Penetrates deep into skin layers

Unlike serums and creams that are specially made for skin types, Ghee is suitable for all types of skins as well as age groups. Without any side effects, you are getting umpteen benefits AT HOME and ANYTIME!

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