Beauty Benefits of Ghee

Since ages, the importance and use of ghee cannot be justified enough in the Indian culture. The traditional way of making ghee is utilizing the cow milk. This super-food is used in food to enhance the taste to light the mud lamps and perform the spiritual rituals with it. Ghee is the major ingredient in all of these.

This clarified butter is not just packed with health benefits but it is a great healing agent that moisturizes hair and skin. Ayurveda says that ghee is a crucial nourishing natural ingredient and is considers as satvik or positive food for its properties. This is the most digestible fat balancing the heat elements present in the body.

Benefits of ghee for hair
Ghee is loaded with the high nourishing and moisturizing properties which can bless your hair with smoothness, strength, and shine.
Hydrates the hair
Your damaged, dull and dry hair could be because of the lack of moisture in them. There are a lot of healthy and rich fatty acids in ghee that provides the nourishment to your scalp and hair follicles from within. This nourishment works as a boost of hydration providing the better hair health.
Improves hair texture
Direct application of ghee on scalp and hair can enhance the texture of your hair with better smoothness and shine. To do so, you can simply melt the ghee and apply it with your fingertips and rub it gently. Let it sit for few hours and wash it with the shampoo.
Works as the deep conditioner
You can deep condition your hair by applying ghee to it and keeping it overnight sealed with the shower cap to avoid any dirt and greasing your pillow.
Promotes hair growth
To promote your hair growth you can warm the ghee and use it to massage your scalp. This will not only condition your hair but will also increase the blood circulation on the scalp. This ritual can also make your hair thicker and stronger.

Ghee benefits for skin

Every part of the world has their secret beauty ingredients that help you enhance your beauty. For instance, China has green tea, Morocco has argan oil, Mediterranean region has olive and we Indian have ghee for that matter. You can start using ghee in your daily beauty regime to get that glowing flawless skin.
For dark circles
If you have tried tons of under eye creams and serums and still got no result out of it, well then it is the time to say them goodbye and use ghee instead. All you need to do is apply ghee on your eyelids and under your eye every night before going to bed. Keep it there overnight and wash with plain water in the morning. The results will be visible real quick.
For chapped and dark lips
If you face the problem of dark and chapped lips, take a drop of ghee and apply it on your lips and leave them overnight. You will wake up with soft lips and the darkness will reduce in no time.
For dry skin, you can make your skin by gently massaging the ghee on your body before bath. If your face is dry then mix ghee and rose water and massage this mixture gently, wash it after 15 minutes.
For dull skin
If your skin looks dull and lifeless, you can involve the ghee in your face pack and your natural glow will initially pop up.

This super ingredient is a great beauty enhancer too.
Make sure that the ghee source you use is a reliable one. Satva ghee from Pratham foods offers desi ghee. You can also avail this ghee online from the comfort zone of your home.