Why desi ghee is the intelligent choice?

India is the world’s biggest producer and user of ghee. In several parts of Asia, desi ghee is called clarified butter and is used for the preparation of various food products as well as for sacred ceremonial purposes. By heating the fat, evaporating the water, and extracting the residue, Pure Desi Ghee is prepared. Without […]

Benefits of Desi Ghee for the Brain

Desi Ghee is religiously used in Indian cooking since ages. Pure Satva Ghee is a key ingredient that can improve memory and strengthen the nervous system as well as the brain system. It is a detoxifying agent that protects the human body from various diseases. Buffalo Ghee increases the digestive fire (Agni) thereby improving the […]

5 Scrumptious recipes made with Ghee

Ghee is undoubtedly a powerhouse of nutrients as it contains various fat-soluble substances like vitamin A, D, K, and E. Buffalo Ghee is used in almost every Indian home, which is certainly a rich source of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. ‘Pure Satva Ghee’ used as a primary ingredient in our daily diet improves our overall […]

How desi ghee can help bring down those extra kilos

Ghee is often considered as a source of fat and ignored by people on a fat-loss regime. A good majority of the population desperate to lose weight cuts down on desi ghee without having proper knowledge about fat loss. Desi ghee is primarily saturated fats which was considered unhealthy, however it is only harmful when […]

Decoding Desi Ghee

Decoding Desi Ghee Growing up in the Indian household, you will always remember your Grandmother stressing on how Desi Ghee is advantageous for us. So, there was a generous use of ghee in your meal. It was brushed on the Indian bread (Rotis), poured atop the rice, and even mixed with the lentils (dal). Even […]

Ghee and Its Ayurvedic Roots

Ghee and Its Ayurvedic Roots Ghee flows through all the aspects of our Indian Culture and has a special place in Ayurveda. Ghruta i.e. Ghee in Sanskrit is considered as sacred and it is a symbol of auspiciousness, healing, and nourishment. It is the best oil we can consume and has numerous medicinal properties. It […]

Myths and Facts about Ghee

Myths and Facts about Ghee Ghee, the most basic ingredient in the Indian Kitchen has been a debatable topic for many years. Even though, it has been the part of our culture for decades the consumption has been questioned in the recent past. Our ancestors and yogis used it in Yangas and other day-to-day activities. […]

Ghee–A Goldmine of Nutrients for Skin

Ghee–A Goldmine of Nutrients for Skin Ghee, the semi-liquid clarified butter is a goldmine of nutrients and it is extremely beneficial for the human body. Pure ghee is made by separating water, lactose, and other milk solids from Makhan/butter. In an Indian household, ghee is used on a regular basis to cook food and is […]