Decoding Desi Ghee

Decoding Desi Ghee

Growing up in the Indian household, you will always remember your Grandmother stressing on how Desi Ghee is advantageous for us. So, there was a generous use of ghee in your meal. It was brushed on the Indian bread (Rotis), poured atop the rice, and even mixed with the lentils (dal). Even our ancient religious text the Vedas define desi ghee as the fundamental essence of our food. The Ayurveda has regarded this golden liquid as the central to our culture.

Now living in this concrete jungle and having plenty of junk food around, Indian households still have a jar of desi ghee in their kitchen. Desi Ghee is prepared by heating white butter. It has a uniquely blissful aroma and has a sweet nutty taste.

The use of desi ghee is as diverse as the religion in India. Gujaratis pour it to their quintessential khichdi, Rajasthani pairs it with dal-baati, Punjabi’s halwa and parathas (stuffed Indian bread) are drowned in it, and Marashtiran’s PuranPoli (sweet Indian Bread) is just incomplete without it. Apart from our meal, it is used for dry skin and even damaged hair. It is believed to natural care for many diseases.

Decoding Desi Ghee 

Finding the right brand of desi ghee become harder in the age of adulteration. Besides, Dairy farming has become really commercial. Desi ghee is only beneficial if made in following the traditional recipe. Many popular brands offer similar nutritional value but also cause a dent to your pocket.

Desi ghee is in its purest form when produced by the milk of specific breed of cow and buffalo; which gives the perfect taste, aroma and effect.

One of the popular brands producing pure and nutritional desi ghee is Pratham Foods. Pampering your taste buds with Stava Ghee by Pratham Foods will definitely refresh your Grandmother’s memories.

Benefits Provided by Pratham Food’s Satva Ghee

  • No additives like trans-fat or preservatives
  • Satva Ghee carries high as well as precise nutritional value
  • Made with the best and well-chosen ingredients, like the  100% Gir Cows and Murrah Buffalos’ milk
  • Stave Ghee has assured purity as it is made following the traditional Vedic recipe
  • Only freshly produced batches are delivered to the customers
  • The production process and raw materials of Pratham Foods helps them provide the best quality Desi Ghee


Desi Ghee – Best Source of Fat 

With the nine-hour sitting job, disrupted sleep cycle, and junk food has increased the burden on our life. This sedentary lifestyle has proved to be really negative for our health and hence, it is time to go back to our roots. One way is to inculcate the habit of adding pure desi ghee to our everyday life. Our balanced diet is thoughtfully evolved to provide us with the three major macronutrients viz. carbs, proteins and fats. Fats in our body make sure to regulate metabolism and normal levels of insulation. This source of energy also helps us maintain our body temperature. The best source of fat is the pure desi ghee, naturally available saturated fat and cholesterol. The National Institute of Nutrition recommends that we require 25 grams or 5 teaspoons daily. Ghee is also a source of various vitamins like K2, A, D, and E. Many Nutritionist call desi ghee as the fat that makes you thin.


Desi ghee is that link to our root, which is still relevant. It has a high nutritional as well as medicinal value. If you want to relive the childhood taste then you can go for Pratham Food’s Satva Ghee. Produced by the Vedic process, Satva Ghee is the best source of fat in today’s age.