Different Kinds of Modak for Bappa

Bappa is about to arrive in a few days and we can already feel the spirit of excitement in the decoration market, sweet shops, and in the big pandals that are being set up to welcome our favorite ‘Vighnaharta’. Amidst the cheering of the chants, food, and dance these 10 days of Ganesh Festival proves to be the complete bliss for the devotees who leave no stone unturned to pray and seek blessings.

Ganesh Utsav is known for a lot of things like fun, the spirit of unity, lots of food, spirituality, but the Modak is the real limelight stealer. We all know that Lord Ganpati is a ‘Modakpriya’, no matter how many types of delicacies we prepare, no Ganesh festival or its Aarti is complete without Modak.

Mythology says that in this Ganesh Festival Lord Ganesha arrives to spread the joy with his blessings and Modak is the best thing to offer with our prayers. So, with this thought, we have sorted out a list of some interesting types of Modaks that will surely make this Ganesh Utsav a special one.

Fried Modak

To indulge in this traditional type of regular Modak you would have to forget totally about the calories. These are usually made with the rice or wheat flour filled with the coconut-jaggery filling. These dumplings are deep fried to the crisp perfection. These fried Modak are not just tasty but also has the longer shelf life which is why these are preferred the most.

Mango Modak

Yes, you heard it right, even though it is not a season of Mango you can make these Mangolicious Modak with the simplest ingredients. All you have to do is mix the sugar, mawa and pure mango pulp and mold them in a shape of Modak. The yellow color is said to be auspicious for any puja and this yellow colored Modak will not only pamper the taste buds but will also enhance the aura of Ganesh Utsav.

Ukadiche Modak

This traditional delicacy is something that everybody looks forward to when it comes to the Modak. Authentically made of the nine folds or generally rice-floor that is hand rolled, this delicious Modak is made filled with the mixture of coconut, jaggery and a lot of other ingredients. These dumplings are special because they are steamed and tastes divine when topped with a dash of desi ghee.

Cranberry Modak

Well, this is an exotic twist to this traditional delicacy. If you love fruits and experimenting with the recipes, then we just made your Ganesh Festival better with the introduction of this Cranberry Modak. The flavor of cranberry is added to the delicacy by adding the fresh fruit compote. You can also add dates and chocolates to make them extra delicious. We bet you will definitely like this amazing sweet treat, so do try.

Chocolate Modak

This is a huge alert for any chocolate and Modak lover! Extremely famous in all the age groups these chocolate Modak are a fresh change from the regular types. You can find them in the market with various types like coco-cocoa, nutty chocolate, dark chocolate and many more. The craze for the chocolate Modak has been consistently growing since its discovery. If you have not tried it yet, you can now with this Ganesh Utsav.

Motichoor Modak

This Motichoor Modak is yet another interesting option that is quite famous not only during the Ganesh Festival but for the complete year. This super delicious Modak gets its taste from the amount of ghee used in it. You can now enjoy the goodness of Motichoor Laddo in the form of Modak.

Make this Ganesh Utsav merry and delicious by savoring in these different types of Modak. Make them at home and do not forget to use a lot of ghee to enhance their taste. Satva Ghee Wish you a very Happy Ganesh Festival.