Ghee–A Goldmine of Nutrients for Skin

Ghee–A Goldmine of Nutrients for Skin

Ghee, the semi-liquid clarified butter is a goldmine of nutrients and it is extremely beneficial for the human body. Pure ghee is made by separating water, lactose, and other milk solids from Makhan/butter. In an Indian household, ghee is used on a regular basis to cook food and is one of the most important ingredients in any recipe.

Along with being a big part of Indian culture and cooking, it also has a lot of advantages for the skin too. Especially, cow ghee has many enriching qualities, it suits all skin types and the fatty acids in it provide hydration and moisturizers the skin.

Ghee Benefits for Skin According to Ayurveda

Even Ayurveda significantly emphasizes on the uses and benefits of ghee. According to it, ghee is the absolute ‘Rasayana’ or rejuvenator. Pure cow ghee has a sweet taste and a smoky aroma. Ayurveda refers to ghee as ‘Amrita’ or nectar that acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin. Plus it if consumed on a daily basis. Ghee also is a lubricant that enhances the qualities Kapha and eliminates Piita as well as Vatta.  promotes good health Ayurveda states that Ghee has 1000 different types of Karma or actions.

Among them the karmas for skincare are:

  • Tvachya: Enhances the skin tone and complication
  • Rasayana: Acts like an anti-oxidant and rejuvenator
  • Vayasthapana: Works as an anti-ageing agent
  • Kanti Prada: It restores radiance  
  • Ojovardhark: Improves the overall quality, Ojas, and health of the skin as well as the body

Uses of Ghee for Skin

Dark Circles:

Apply pure ghee under your eye bags regularly before sleeping to reduce dark circles. Take some ghee on your fingertips and massage your eye bags in a circular motion with light pressure. Leave it overnight and wash it with water the next morning.

Dry Skin:

It works as a natural hydrated for sore dry skin as it is 100% fat and these fatty acids provide hydration to your skin cells. Use it as a night cream, you can apply it all over the skin leave overnight.

Face Moisturizer:

Use the pure ghee as a face moisturizer 2 to 3 times a week, especially if you have delicate skin type. To make your skin smooth and supple, lukewarm ghee should be applied before 15 minutes of taking bath.

Bright and Glowing Skin:

Ghee brightens your skin from inside and outside as it purifies the system and retains the natural moisture of the skin. It also gives you glow and youthful appearance.

Anti-Ageing Agent:

Ghee is the best anti-ageing cream as it penetrates into the skin layers as well as tissues. Plus it can eliminate the early sign of skin maturation.