‘Ghee’ A Remedial Fat

Ghee’ A Remedial Fat

‘Ghee’ a golden elixir. These words undoubtedly assure us to relish on this extremely healthy clarified butter. Every Indian has grown up relishing it in every other Indian dish. Ayurveda has always sung the songs of its glory and ghee is known for its amazingly great healing properties. Despite a rough period where ghee was banished for years it has made a comeback into the Indian kitchens in the recent years, and what a fabulous comeback it has been.

For years it was labeled as an unhealthy and weight-gaining food but now it is trending as a superfood. Ghee has been consumed for 5000 years, yet it never made anyone fat or obese. It is a saturated fat, but the truth is it is not fattening. It is great for your gut and keeps it healthy. The saturated fats ghee contains are essential for your survival.

The list of the minerals and vitamins ghee contain goes long. But to begin with, it has omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids on a great scale along with vitamins A,D,E and anti-oxidants like K9 and Phenolic.
Butyrate, commonly known as Butyric acid helps the intestinal tract to stay healthy. This small chain of fatty acids prevents the gut wall. The fiber we eat is directly passed down to the intricate microbiology present in our gut. These gut bugs transform this ingested fiber into the butyrate. So, here your gut bug is literally making their own ghee and this is the reason why ghee gives better digestion.
Ghee that is prepared from the pastured grass fed grass consists of high amount of purely organic CLA (Conjugated Linolenic Acid). This is an extremely important acid boosting your immunity to do better also keep the cholesterol levels on track.

Let’s see the specification of Ghee to understand their benefits in the best possible way.
Ghee covers the complete spectrum of the fatty acids, short, medium and long chained.
Consists of extremely useful anti-viral agents like Caprylic acid and anti-fungal agents like Lauric acids that result in prevention of the plaque.
Ghee literally maintains your cholesterol levels, by lowering the Palmitic and Stearic acid.
Ghee serves as a modulator of genetic regulation and prevents cancer with the help of butyric acid.
The functioning of the nerve signaling requires ghee in a wide way. Some saturated fats present in the ghee acts as a messenger that manipulates the metabolism in a positive way. Also simplifies the critical job of releasing the appropriate insulin.
In order for the Calcium to work effectively and incorporate with bones, it needs the saturated fats present in ghee.
The presence of Medium Chain Triglycerides improves the health of your liver.
Not many of us know that our brain is totally made up of fat and cholesterol and the greater share the fatty acids have are the saturated fats.
Ayurveda uses the ghee as remedial ingredient curing ulcerative colitis, gastric, peptic and duodenal ulcers.
Ghee is the best organic moisturizer for our skin.
Massaging your head, chest, limbs, and joints is the best way to penetrate the ghee and its goodness in your body since 60% of the things placed on your body gets absorbed directly.
You can make your lips go dark to pink with the use of ghee as an organic lip balm.

The list of the advantages goes on and on. But if you wish to experience these benefits in an efficient way, make sure you have your ghee from the best and reliable source. Satva Ghee of Pratham Foods, offer pure and desi cow and buffalo ghee. You can also order them online and enjoy the pure ‘Ghee’ goodness.