Ghee and Its Ayurvedic Roots

Ghee and Its Ayurvedic Roots

Ghee flows through all the aspects of our Indian Culture and has a special place in Ayurveda. Ghruta i.e. Ghee in Sanskrit is considered as sacred and it is a symbol of auspiciousness, healing, and nourishment. It is the best oil we can consume and has numerous medicinal properties. It is the purest essence of cow milk, which is obtained after treatment with various ‘Sanskars.’ It is believed that ghee gets all the beneficial properties by the way it is produced/obtained. The process of making ghee involves boiling cow milk and cooling it. Later on, yoghurt clabber is added to the cold milk. Mix it well and wait for a day, then skim off the fat and churn until you get butter. Cook this butter on a gentle flame to evaporate the water and separate it from the soluble fats. You get a golden liquid that is filtered and what is left behind is Ghee.

Many Shlokas written in the Vedas have mentioned the importance and benefits of ghee. According to the classical Ayurveda text, Charak Samhita tells:

sastam dhi smrtimedhagnibalayuhsukracaksusam 

balavrddhaprajakantisaukumarya svararthinam 37

ksataks i napar i sarpasastragniglapitatmanarn

vatapittavisonmadasosalaksm ijvarapaham 38

snehanamuttamam sitam vayasah sthapanam param

sahasraviryam vidhibhirghrtam karmasahasrakrt 39

The meaning of the above text is that ghee should be consumed daily. It makes the memory, mind, intelligence, and decision making strong. It triggers the process of digestion. It is good for our eyes. It is an ultimate life maintaining cure and known to slow down the ageing process. It strengthens the body and makes it attractive. It is also beneficial for complexion, voice, and throat. Young, as well as old people, are benefited by consuming ghee. It balances the levels of Vata and Pitta in our body.

There’s another verse in the Vedas that explain the role of Ghee in our culture and everyday life

“Tongue of the gods,” “navel of immortality.”

We will proclaim the name of ghee;

We will sustain it in this sacrifice by bowing low.

These waves of ghee flow like gazelles before the hunter…

Streams of ghee caress the burning wood.

Agni, the fire, loves them and is satisfied.

Vedas regard ghee as the most vital ingredient and first food. It is a central factor in our culture because it is used in many traditional procedures and Poojas. The Vedas are themed around the concept of Yagya meaning sacrifice. Ghee is an element that offers Agni i.e. fire to the Yagya.


Basic Qualities of Ghee Mentioned in Ayurveda 

  • It provides Sheeta i.e. cooling and Snigdha the healthy oil to our body
  • An ideal dose of ghee with every meal improves the digestive fire
  • It enhanced the medicinal properties of herbs
  • The fat maintains the balance of your body
  • Its consumption and application provides a healthy mind, body, and skin


Ghee in Ayurveda Treatment

  • It is used for body massage and detoxification
  • Most of the medicinal formulations in Ayurveda contains ghee
  • It also used in aphrodisiac therapy to normalize the hormone levels and smoothens the blood flow
  • It rejuvenates the mind to cure epilepsy, depression, insanity, anxiety, dementia, and other mental disorders
  • Ghee is extremely beneficial for the eyes, It gives a shooting effect, improves the vision, and eliminates burning sensation if any



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