Ghewar Recipe- An Ultimate Receipe

Ghewar is one of the most popular desserts in the state of Rajasthan. It is made at homes and eaten on the auspicious time of the year – in the month of Sawan or Shravana during the festivals of Raksha Bandhan and Teej. This dish holds hearts of all the Marvadis and these days also of people who
love Desi Ghee se Banai hui sweet dishes. Ghewar appears in the shape of a disc with texture and it resembles a honeycomb. There is a variety of traditional Ghewar such as Mawa and Malai.
Relish your taste buds with this sweet dish. Presenting a simple and hassle-free recipe of Ghewar made in Desi Ghee.

Recipe: Ghewar

The time required: 1 hour

Recipe Servings: 4

Level: Easy

o 3 cups of flour
o 1 cup Desi Ghee
o 3 to 4 ice cubes
o 4 cups of water
o A half cup of milk
o Half tablespoon yellow food color
o 1 kilogram of Desi Ghee to deep fry For the sugar syrup”
o 1 cup of sugar
o 1 cup of water

For toppings:

1 tablespoon powdered Cardamom
1 tablespoon chopped almonds and pistachios
1tablespoon milk and saffron

How to make Ghewar?

i.  Prepare the sugar syrup
ii. Put the solidified Desi Ghee in a large bowl. Add an ice cube and rub against the ghee vigorously.
iii. You can add more ice cubes and continue the same process until the ghee becomes white.
iv. To make a batter add milk and flour.
v. To make a batter add milk and flour. Add the food color to water in a bowl and put it in the batter.
vi. The batter should be fairly thin to run down when poured with a spoon. Heat an aluminum or steel container.
vii. Fill it with Desi Ghee and keep the heat on low When the Ghee becomes smoky hot, put 50 ml of batter. Pour slowly and in the center. Let the foam settle.
viii. Put more batter in the hole formed in the center slowly. After the foam settles down again, pick the Ghewar up carefully with the help of iron skewer.
ix. Place the Ghewar on a filter screen or wire mesh to drain out.
x. Transfer the sugar syrup in a flat container and add the Ghewar upon.
xi. Dip it into the syrup and drain again. Splash some drops of saffron milk, chopped dry fruits, and the
cardamom powder.
xii. Serve hot.

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