Importance Of Ghee During Pregnancy

Ghee is that one ingredient that is constantly asked to have to the pregnant lady by her mom, grandmother, and aunts. This excellent source of fat and is asked to include in the diet of pregnant women for its uncountable beneficial properties. But how exactly is ghee good for the diet.
Here in this blog, we tell you how eating ghee will help a woman carrying a child and in which form you could consume it.

Your health will thank you a lot if you eat a moderate amount of ghee every day during pregnancy. Other dairy products tend to be heavy to digest but ghee is easily digestible and also boosts the metabolism. Being a healthy source of fat, ghee is mostly preferred as the substitute for oil and butter.

How much of ghee must you take during pregnancy?
It is recommended that one should consume 2-3 spoons of ghee a day during the pregnancy. Medicine says that one must take 6 tablespoons of fat every day by a pregnant lady out of which you can have 2-3 spoons as ghee.

Is it okay to eat ghee during the early pregnancy?
Doctors say that it is absolutely okay to eat ghee right from the beginning till the end of the pregnancy. Since it has tremendous healing properties its consumption during pregnancy is eventually going to help your health.
A lot of people have this question of consuming ghee in the third trimester and for all those who have this question we are giving you the good news. Ghee contains the laxative properties that are believed to induce the labor. It is said to provide enough lubrication making the delivery process smoother. Although, this fact has not been backed up by the science but is still believed by a lot of people.

Now let us see the benefits of ghee consumption in detail:
The reasonable amounts of omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
• Treats digestive issues:
With its anti-viral properties, ghee plays a major role in keeping the digestive system healthy. The high amount of fatty acid known as butyrate it comprises of helps you to keep your gut healthy.
• Aids baby development
During the second and third trimester, a baby’s development demands 300 extra calories per day from the mother. Ghee plays a great part in the brain and body development of the child.
• Nurtures the body

Ghee consumed every day results in the great mood and also relieves the stress. We can say ghee is one of the many natural ways to keep the body warm and nourish it. You must make sure that the ghee you use is from the reliable source. You have many brands in the market too that allow you to buy the ghee online, without much hassle. It is good as long as you are consuming the ghee to balance your daily calorie and fat intake, whereas we suggest you to reduce the ghee intake to smaller portions during pregnancy if you are overweight.

There are a lot of ways you can include ghee in your diet. You can use it raw as well as while cooking. The best way to use it is as a topping on rice, parathas or rotis, to add in the mix vegetable curries and flavored rice, while preparing the deserts like kheer, ladoos and many more and last but not the least you can also add it to the milk.

With these exceptional advantages of ghee, the only thing to consider while this process is the quality and source of ghee. Satva ghee from Pratham foods is the best choice to consider as it is complete desi ghee. You can also avail this from the comfort zone of your home by ordering it online.