Reasons Why Ghee Is Known as the Ultimate Elixir

Reasons Why Ghee Is Known as the Ultimate Elixir

Ghee is probably the most favourite ingredient in the kitchen of Indian homes as our meal is always incomplete without it. It is best known for its aroma, nutritional properties and curing capabilities. This is why Ghee is highly regarded by us, Indians and has a special place in Ayurveda as well. It is believed that consuming ghee is like providing the best fuel to our fires of digestion i.e. Agni. It is a sacred symbol in the Indian Culture and used during Poojas as well as other auspicious occasions.

Ghee is basically a healthy fat which is made by melting white butter and heating it to high temperatures. It is considered to be perfect when you witness the beautiful golden colour and its awesome nutty aroma fills the room.

Ghee as Elixir – The Concept of Panchkarma and Importance in Ayurveda 

Ghee is the ultimate elixir as it nurtures, auspicious, and heal many health issues. It helps in improving mental health because it consumes energy on a subtle level. It provides glow, radiance, strength and beauty to our body. It cleanses our body by eliminating unabsorbed elements from our tissues; it also nourishes our skin and makes it soft and smooth.

As per our scriptures also known as ‘Shastras,’ Ghee has been addressed as life itself. In Sanskrit, it is known as Aayu Ghritam, where ‘Aayu’ means life force and ‘Ghritam’ means ghee. The scriptures also suggest that it is the prime and basic component that provides nutrients and medicinal properties to the meal that are carried to the cells and enhance our health.

The preparation procedure mentioned in Ayurveda to make pure desi ghee involves a lot of steps. Ghee is made by washing it with water 100 times and then mixing it thoroughly for three to five minutes using your hands so that the water is extracted. This procedure should be repeated 100 times. This method makes the ghee softer, cooler, more nourishing, and silky cream.

Ghee is can to be used in panchakarma i.e. five-action Ayurvedic cleansing regime that includes therapeutic emesis (Vamanam), purgation (Virechanam), an enema using medicated oil (Anuvasana), Nasyam, and Therapeutic Decoction Enema (Astapana Vasti).

The purest desi ghee in today’s market is Satva Ghee, offered by Pratham foods, that produces the ghee using the traditional method. The Satva Ghee has no additives, high nutrition, best quality, well-chosen ingredients, assured purity, and fresh.

Other Benefits of Ghee

  • Kindles the digestive fires
  • Nourishes all seven Dhatus i.e. body tissues
  • Combats with inflammation
  • Makes the medical herbs more effective
  • Enhances our vision
  • Improves our immune
  • Lubricates our body internally as well as externally
  • Brings glow to our face
  • Maintains a healthy stomach
  • Controls the blood sugar level
  • Helps in weight loss


Ghee is a part of our everyday life and it should be consumed through an authentic source. The best manufacturer of Desi Ghee is Pratham Foods. Satva Ghee produced by Pratham Foods is made by the purest milk and time-honoured traditional process that makes it rich and delicious.