Satva Ghee – A reliable option in the market

Satva Ghee – A reliable option in the market

Ghee, also known as clarified butter is concentrated fat with its water and milk solids removed. It is important part of many cuisines from various countries like the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia. Apart from cooking, it is also used as medicine in Ayurveda, moisturiser and many traditional rituals of India. Ghee is really easy to maintain as its milk solids have been removed so it can be kept at room temperature for many days.

Ghee is considered the healthiest fat to consume and prefered over cooking oil in India. Today, pure ghee is hard to find because of rising adulteration in the food industrt. The items used to adulterate ghee are mainly vegetable oil, animal fat, mineral fat, or starchy material. To check the purity of ghee, when heated if the ghee’s colours turn dark brownish it’s pure and if the colour turns yellow it is impure. One of the purest form of ghee in the market is Stava Ghee produced by Pratham Foods.

Why Stave Ghee is a Reliable Option? 

Follows the Vedic Process 

Pratham foods follow the Vedic process to produce Stava Ghee which requires the milk of Gir Cows and Murrah Buffalos. These breeds are being domesticated in India since the Vedic period. The steps followed in this traditional process are known as Sanskaras. The first Sanskar is to boil the milk at high temperature to ensure it is free from all types of bacteria. In the second Sanskar, the naturally obtained cream is transferred into a pot for yeasting with yoghurt. The third Snaskar is to churn it and separate the Makkhan or butter and then heat it to obtain desi ghee.

Nutritional Value of Satva Ghee

Satva Ghee possesses high nutritional value, 100g of ghee has 897.17 kcal energy, and 99.7 g total fat, 63.0 g saturated fat, 0.2 Cholesterol, no sodium, no carbohydrates, no protein, and 412 mcg vitamin A.

Proper and Fresh Products 

Pratham foods use all the pure raw materials. All the pots and other equipment used to produce ghee is thoroughly sterilised. The end-product is also stalked fresh and there are no added preservatives in it.

Suits Everybody

Satva Ghee is so pure that it does not have any side effects, you can eat it even if you are lactose intolerant. It is highly recommended for the children at the formative year and pregnant women, considering its high purity and nutritional level.


With so many positive attributes, Pratham Foods has offered us the best and most delicious option to add-up in our meal. They have consistancy in their batches and promises to deliver the pure desi ghee that leads to great taste and health.