Significance of Ghee Lamp

Significance of Ghee Lamp

We live in a country where spirituality captures the heart of most of the population. There are a lot of significant things we practice to devote our love and respect to our gods. We offer flowers, we blow conch and a lot more. Our puja has a totally different significance in our culture. One such thing particularly practiced in every Indian puja is lighting a Ghee lamp. There are a lot of beliefs behind it but spirituality plays a major part in it. Let us take a look at what our culture has to say about the Ghee Lamp.

Ghee lamp has its unique place in the Hindu Dharma. It denotes the emblem of absolute fire or whats mostly called as ‘Tej’. It is believed that the lamp leads us from the darkness towards the light. The great books in the Hindu worship methodology like Agni Puran state that only Oil or Ghee must be used to lit the lamp and not any other combustible substance. The science of spirituality states the importance of Ghee lamp by saying that the lamp lit with the Clarified butter is more sattvik or purer spiritually in comparison to an oil lamp.

The spirituality says:
• Ghee lamp attracts more positive vibrations present in its surrounding
• It is said that ghee lamp allures positivity from heaven too.
• When the ghee lamp stops burning its purity and vibe could be experienced for hours.

Effects of Ghee lamp as per Kundalini Yog
Let us keep the lamp burners under the microscope and see its effects
• Ghee lamp is renowned to generate a fine armor of greater quality
• The precise frequencies emitting from the ghee lamp boosts the soul energy of the worshipper.

If we speak as per the yogic path of the Kundalini yog there are around seven chakras or energy center present in our body. These centers practically impact every minute particle in the human body involving physical body, mind, and intellect. Ghee lamp purifies Manipur and Anahat Chakras to a highlighting extent.

A human body has three avenues to monitor the vital flow and the energy known as Nadis or channels. The three principle Nadis are called as Moon Nadi (Chandra Nadi), Sun Nadi (Surya Nadi), Sushumna Nadi. The activation of Chandra Nadi offers the person a cooling effect within. Surya Nadi offers energy when activated and Sushumna Nadi starts when the person becomes extremely spiritual. Oil lamp is responsible to activate Surya Nadi but the Ghee Lamp activates the Nadi as per the significance of the time.

The glory of the spiritual experiences of the ghee lamp has reached far. Let us see how it influences
• Ghee lamp gives us an experience of ‘Tej Tattva’ and ‘Vayu Tattva’ which is extremely divine.

We are sharing some points with you to be considered while using a lamp
• Never kindle a ghee lamp with an oil lamp or vice-versa
• Never kindle one lamp with another, always use the different source.
• Never touch a lamp during puja, if done one should immediately wash their hands. This is because

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