Significance of Shravan Month

Amongst all the months in the Hindu Calender, Shravan month is considered as the holiest month. According to the Hindu calendar, it is the fifth-month that comes after the Aashad. This time of the year is considered the most auspicious time where a lot of devotees pay their tribute to Lord Shiva. Now a lot of us gets stuck with the questions like why only Shiva is worshipped in this month? Why is Shravan said to be the best month to win over the divine? Well, the reason behind this is a great story that took place a long time ago. Excited to know? Keep reading then!

Let’s start with learning the reason behind the name of this month. The month is called Shravan because on the full moon day or Purnima the holy sky is under the celestial sovereignty of the Shravan Nakshatra, which is one of the twenty-seven nakshatras. And this is how the month got its name from. It is said that each day of this month is auspicious to worship Lord Shiva. People observe austerities, fasts, and prayers in this holy month. This is a time when Lord Shiva consumed the poisonous Halahala that emanated from the Samudra Manthan. It was the war between the Devas and Asuras for the quest of nectar. It is said that during the Manthan, the ocean emitted a lot of valuables like the gemstones, Godessess, riches, cows, bows, moon etc. There also emerged the 15 different gems from the ocean which were equally divided between them but when the ocean emitted the deadliest poison called Halahala, none of them dared to consume it as it was so poisonous that it could destroy the universe. That is when Lord Shiva stepped up and drank the Halahala to save the world. His wife saw this and instantly held the throat of Lord Shiva, preventing it from going down. As a result, the throat of the Lord turned blue and this is why he is also called as Neelkanth.

Things to do in Shravan Maas

The things that are majorly done in the month of Shravan Maas are

Rudra Abhishek and Homa:

Rudra Abhishek is the method of worship offered to the great god Shiva to cleanses all of our the sins, misbehavior and seek forgiveness in the lord.

The Homa includes the offering of Panchamrut (Mixture of milk, ghee, honey, sugar, and curd). People also offer things like Ganga Jal, ghee, Bael Patra, Dhatura and various such items that are dear to Lord Shiva.

It is believed that the Rudra Abhishek or Homa purifies your body, offers peace, fulfills your desire and enlightens your soul.

Mantra Chanting

You can also devote your love to the Three-eyed-Lord by chanting the Shiv Mantras either by using the rudraksha rosary or even silently. ‘Om Namaha Shivaya’ the mantra we always enchant for Shiva has a very deep meaning that says ‘None Other Than Shivaya’. You can also read the stories of Lord Shiva or Shiv Purana.

Fasting in the Shravan Maas

Shiva Purana says that those who observe the fast during Shravan Month gets their desire fulfilled and are hopefully get blessed with the grace of God. People fast in two ways:

  • Austere Fast

In this type of fasting, people spend their day without eating anything and only on water. They break their fast by eating after sunset with the regular food.

  • Partial Fast

In this type of fast one can eat the fruits and all the fasting edibles like shabudana.

These are rituals followed by devotees in this holy month.

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