The Role of Ghee in Ayurvedic Treatment

“Ghee is sweet in taste and cooling in energy, rejuvenating, good for the eyes and vision, kindles digestion, bestows luster and beauty, enhances memory and stamina, increases intellect, promotes longevity, is an aphrodisiac and protects the body from various diseases.”
Ghee is ubiquitous in Ayurvedic medicine and Indian cooking alike. An aromatic substance that is solid at room temperature and melts into a liquid as it warms; ghee is made by boiling off the milk solids from unsalted butter, leaving only the golden oil behind. No other substance is as widely used to prepare Ayurvedic medications as ghee.

Ghee & Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, ghee is used as a carrier for the nutrients and herbs and to lubricate the intestinal tract and all the tissues inside the body. During an Ayurvedic cleanse, it is used as the preferred vehicle for operation. Oleation is the process of ingesting increasing amounts of oil over a series of mornings. The process typically helps pull stubborn fat-soluble toxins out of the cells and triggers fat metabolism, a process whereby the body begins to burn its own fat for fuel. This Active Ancient Ingredient is also made by your Gut!

Butter is the raw material from which ghee is made. The primary fatty acid in butter is also known as butyric acid and it is something that the intestinal wall thrives on. Butyric acid, also known as butyrate, helps to protect the gut wall. Much of the healthy fiber that we eat feeds the microbes in the gut which in turn convert this into butyric acid, the primary ingredient in ghee.

In Ayurveda, taking ghee internally through ingestion and ghee enemas (Ayurvedic oil enemas are referred to as basti) has been done for thousands of years to support intestinal health and function. Ancient practices don’t always require us all to jump right in. It does, however, encourage us to look deeply into techniques that have lasted thousands of years and find the science behind them. Often times, the research provides fascinating insight and explanation.

Why Do a Ghee Cleanse?

When people think of cleansing, they think of a juice cleanse, eliminating sugar, dairy, and wheat from the diet, or fasting. Ayurveda takes a different approach and instructs people to take increasing amounts of melted ghee every morning for a series of days coinciding with a non-fat diet. This cleanse protocol may make you rethink your idea of detoxing, as the benefits extend far beyond flushing toxins. Listed below are top 10 reasons to cleanse with ghee:

1. Flushes old bile from the body.
2. stimulates the new bile, so 94% of old toxic bile is not re-absorbed.
3. Scrubs the intestines of toxins and bad bugs
4. Supports the primary source of energy and immunity for the cells of the gut.
5. Supports the primary source of energy and immunity for the cells of the gut
6. Supports the health of the beneficial bacteria in the gut who make butyrate
7. Pulls stored fat-soluble toxins and molecules of emotion out of the body
8. Encourages fat metabolism and weight loss
9. Supports stable mood and energy levels
10. Supports the body’s natural defense mechanisms against bad bacteria and overgrowth.