The unique importance of ghee in Indian festivals

Indian festivals come with various age-old customs and traditions which our ancestors followed. All these rituals came with logical thinking which over time though were observed as per the scriptures, people forgot the importance of them.

Desi Cow ghee is a very crucial part of festivities which involves ‘havan’ and ‘puja’ that has been regarded as a remedy to the poison in VEDAS. Its aroma purifies the physical atmosphere. Ghee has a delicious, nutty, strong buttery taste and is used to flavour and fattening foods that would be cooked during the festivities.

Let’s check below how desi cow ghee holds its unique importance in Indian festivals:

Ghee in ‘Havans’
‘Havan’ is a divine fire ritual which has originated from the Sanskrit source ‘hu’; which means to consume. In Hinduism, fire (Agni) signifies purity, as it consumes the old and covers the way for a new origin, as an interface connecting the material world and spiritual world. The ‘Havan’ is offered in a square-shaped ‘Kunda’ with ghee as one of its key elements. The fumes generated by havan contains ghee as well which is considered to purify the surroundings and bring positive vibrations.

Ghee in festive foods
It is an ingredient without which the final offerings of food that is offered to the god and goddesses cannot be cooked at all. Ghee which is considered auspicious and healthy adds both ‘satvik’ and nutritional value to the food.

Ghee in Diyas (lamp)
Ghee lamp has more potential to attract the satvik vibrations near the surrounding environment as compared to the oil lamp. It is believed that when the ghee lamp stops burning the impact of ‘satvikta’ is felt even after four hours.

Ghee in pooja rituals
Cow ghee is considered to be pure and auspicious. It is believed that consumption of ghee on a festive day boosts memory, intelligence, strength and energy. Also, cow ghee is fatty and no ailment occurs related to Vata, Kapha and Pitta with its consumption.

Ghee is “samsara anuvartana”, it means that it maintains its own goodness along with the health benefits of whatever it is prepared with. Its importance is not only found in Ayurveda, but it is also considered as a superfood now days. We at Pratham Foods produce the purest quality of desi cow ghee known as Satva Ghee. Shop this product on our website and fill purity and prosperity in all your festivities.