Top 10 Reasons To Cleanse With Ghee

Ghee is the only ingredient that is omnipresent in the Indian cooking and Ayurveda medicine. Given its aromatic nature and health benefits, it is definitely an elixir for the human race and its health. The advantages it offers keep every kind of oil behind in the race of the ‘best’. With the high flash point as close as 485 degrees F, makes the ghee as one of the best ingredients to use while cooking.

Ayurveda uses ghee as a bearer of nutrients in herbs and to lubricate the intestinal tract and all the tissues inside the human body. When a cleansing is done in Ayurveda, ghee is the most preferred option for oleation, which is a process of ingesting great amounts of oil in the series of mornings. This process is greatly practiced to actually flush out the fat-soluble toxins out with the urine and out of the cells. The process also triggers the metabolism leading to fat loss.

Ghee detox is just a little portion of a vast chapter. Let us see the reasons to cleanse with ghee.
A goldmine of nutrients
Not just a great source of butyric acid, ghee is also packed with
 A full range of short (SCFA), medium (MCFA) and long fatty acid chains, including both saturated and unsaturated.
 Loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids
 Vitamin A,D,E and K
 Ghee prepared from organic butter of pastured cows is one of the greatest sources of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
 9 Phenolic antioxidants
 Numerous other minerals

Now let us see why to cleanse with ghee,
Generally, when we consider a cleanse, we mostly think of excluding all kinds of oils and fats from the diet. But here Ayurveda takes a different path. It asks us to take the increased amount of melted ghee every morning for several days and this is then followed by a non-fat diet. The perks this rule offer may get you thinking about your knowledge of detoxing. The benefits extend beyond the flushing of toxins.

Here we are presenting top 10 reasons to cleanse with ghee
• Flushes out the aged bile from the body
• Performs the liver stimulation making a new bile, therefore 94% of the old and toxic bile is not absorbed again.
• Scrubs of the toxins and bad bugs from the intestine
• Serves as the supporter of the first source of energy and immunity for the cells of the gut.
• Supports the beneficial bacteria present in the gut
• Offers the lubrication and softens the body tissue
• Pull out the stored fat-soluble toxins and molecules out of the body
• Increases the metabolism and promotes the fat loss
• Keeps the mood stable and also the energy level
• Enhances the body’s natural immunity protects from bad bacteria and the overgrowth.

Swap old bile for new
During an Ayurveda cleanse, ghee is consumed in the morning for the several days to make the gallbladder remove all the bile, which is generally thick and viscous. These ghee dosages stimulate the liver to make the new bile.

During this cleanse, the diet it demands is a non-fat one. The consumption of ghee first thing in the morning takes your body in the direct metabolism state. This offers the individual a great metabolic rate and the experience of stable energy.

With these exceptional advantages of ghee cleanse, the only thing to consider while this process is the quality and source of ghee. Satva ghee from Pratham foods is the best choice to consider as it is complete desi ghee. You can also avail this from the comfort zone of your home by ordering it online.